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The center is good but because of Covid parents cannot go inside so most things are limited. Everything is via phone, text or email. - Devin S. on 09/04/2021

Your personalized educational approach. - Brandy F. on 09/04/2021

The children have a variety of mentally and socially stimulating activities. There has been demonstrated growth in the areas of vocabulary, conversation, social-emotional awareness. - Krystina H. on 09/04/2021

I appreciate all that you have done for my child. He is learning so fast and he loves to soak up the information and uses it in the right context all of the time. He loves the staff there because everyone is so friendly and respectful, which helps him to learn respect. This has been the best daycare I have used so far. - Monika W. on 06/17/2020

I like the fact that the kids are taught on a level higher than other schools of likeness. Friends and coworkers are amazed to learn what kids of different age groups are learning what they are learning. Their response is shouldn't they be learning that when the start grade school. - Kenneth H. on 06/17/2020

The center is amazing. They work with you in everything - Laura F. on 02/15/2020

I like how the center always keeps parents up to date with important information and how the center is there to always help no matter what the situation is. - Djuana A. on 02/05/2020

Very good literacy and numeracy foundations! I love seeing my son work on his handwriting by practicing letters and numbers. They also have great art projects and play to develop fine motor skills. - Keena S. on 01/26/2020

Kiddie Academy provides an excellent cross curricular educational system. The STEM fair they had today was the best@ - Erin E. on 01/25/2020

Kiddie Academy has a well designed curriculum that is stimulating for children of all ages. - Danielle G. on 01/19/2020

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