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I like that we get emails of what our child learned that week/day. The potty training has really helped as well. I love his teacher! - Ollie D. on 09/22/2018

Since going there my 4 year old can spell out her name, still working on writing it so everyone can understand it. Also helping my 2 year old to become fully potty trained. - Calesina F. on 07/31/2018

I like everything about Kiddie Academy. My daughter spent less than a year at the center, but she left with a kindergarten level and I will never thank the center enough for this huge impact you guys made in my daughter's life. - Eveline K. on 07/10/2018

I love the staff and the curriculum laid out in each class. - Kiana M. on 06/26/2018

They are very nice and have taught my daughter so much in a 3 month period. - Dominique M. on 06/26/2018

I like the quality of the teaching - Marlene H. on 06/08/2018

Very great educational place for kids. - Adwoa B. on 06/08/2018

Every instructor takes time to know the babies. My son has severe eczema and will scratch himself bloody. The instructors watch for it and will mitten his hands if he starts to do this. They also pay attention to diets of the babies and keep an eye out for any allergic reactions when feeding little ones foods from home. They are wet observant and caring. - Kristen M. on 05/02/2018

The staff is friendly and care about my child. He learns a great deal during the summer camps which shows during the school year. - Astrid R. on 04/17/2018

My daughter improves day after day... - Eveline K. on 04/07/2018

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