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My son is constantly challenged and learning new things. I love that he already has homework and is getting in the habit of doing it at an early age. I have noticed an improvement in his manners as well as his handwriting. Great curriculum and great teachers! - Danielle M. on 01/07/2015

Love, love, love everything about Kiddie Academy's child care services: the teachers, curriculum, and christian environment are exceptional. I would and do recommend Kiddie Academy of League City to any parent looking for excellent child care services. Kiddie Academy goes above and beyond any child care facility that I have experienced. The iPads and computers in the classroom amongst all of the educational materials taught truly pleases me and my husband. We really love the fact that Kiddie Academy offers so many extracurricular activities including but not limited to: stretch-n-grow (for free- everyone participates!); cheerleading; soccer; etc. The only thing I wish is that Stretch-n-Grow's dance program had a big recital at the end of the school year, like Dance Tree had. Other than that offering these activities is great. My husband and I know that everyday when we bring our child to school she is safe and one reason being is the extra security the Bullocks included in our tuition. One cannot put a price on their child's safety and well-being. We truly appreciate having League City Police Department monitoring the safety of our child. Have you considered having the security during PNO? It tends to get dark (not sure if the lights cut off at a certain time or don't want to draw attention to parents picking up their children at 10?) As a parent, I would be willing to pay extra for PNO. Just a suggestion. Also, the fact that Kiddie Academy offers PNO every month is another added bonus to these excellent child care services! - Pamela W. on 01/07/2015

Staff is very nice and professional, and my child loves it there. - Shane D. on 12/16/2014

Great Curriculum and awesome staff. - Stacey M. on 12/15/2014

strength of program - Priscilla H. on 12/15/2014

My kids really enjoy themselves at Kiddie Academy. They have a great time after school where they can choose what activities interest them rather than making them stick to an activity that is pre-chosen for them. - Marie B. on 12/15/2014

Everything! Wonderful Teachers and Staff. Our daughter has learned so much at Kiddie Academy. - Barbara A. on 12/15/2014

I love how accesible the teachers are, there is not a day that goes by that I dont get feedback from the teacher! Also the activities that are held for each month/season celebrating holidays to the fullest. I love how my child is learning great manners! I can clearly distinguish what is an input from home and what is a teaching from the school. Such great people taking care of my beloved child every day! - Ruth R. on 12/15/2014

It appears that the children are very well monitored and receive teacher interaction. - Tony W. on 12/15/2014

Kiddie Academy is family to us! The classes are VERY clean, teachers kind, and owners responsive. Love them! - Kim B. on 12/15/2014

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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