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They use the curriculum and not only aligned the objectives and contents to teach the kids, but went more in depth than what the school was doing. They also constantly keep improving ever year! - Thomas T. on 02/23/2014

My son is absolutely in love with the school and teachers at Kiddie Academy. (He loves Miss Kourtney to pieces...even though he's not yet made it to her class!) We always sit down and talk about what he did each day after he is picked up. From "learning letters with play-doh" to "reading books about snakes", he is always excited to fill me in on his daily activities. He is always engaged with his fellow classmates when I arrive to pick him up and is very eager in the mornings to join his friends to embark on whatever learning adventure the day may lead him through. As we pull off from school to return home, his daily chant of "Goodbye school- I'll see you tomorrow!" is affirmation that I've made the best choice for my son by having him enrolled at Kiddie Academy. I look forward to seeing his growth and continued enthusiasm for many years to come! Thank you to all of the staff for creating such a warm and loving environment for our little ones!! - Jamie P. on 02/09/2014

The amount of individual attention given to my son is incredible. I am able to get a full report from his teachers each day when I pick him up. - Jarrod B. on 02/07/2014

Kiddie Academy cares about my kids and works with me whenever I need them. I love them! - Frances S. on 01/31/2014

I like the fact that all activities are hands on and the kids learn while having fun, my grandson loves to come to Kiddie Academy and gets mad if I pick him up to early, all staff are friendly, easy to talk to and loving to my grandson. Mona Holland - Mona H. on 01/24/2014

The teachers are very dedicated to reading and teaching the kids new songs, stories & sign language. My son doesn't know how to say certain words (please) but he can say them in sign language. - Melissa H. on 01/19/2014

I like that the children have lessons and are actually learning daily. My child is only two, and already knows colors, shapes,some letters and some numbers. I have a nephew who is nine months older than her and she is more advance than he is. I believe it is because of her teachers at Kiddie Academy and because we work with her at home. - Samantha T. on 01/17/2014

Kiddie Academy by far has been the best choice i could of made for the educational growth of my child, Teachers are always very welcoming at drop off and pick up time Always making sure all my concerns are answered. I have noticed a huge impprovement sense week one in my childs speech which shows how much hes teachers have worked with him. thank you all for all you do each and every day. - Lucy V. on 01/17/2014

KA is very personal. From the moment you enter the door, someone is greeting you with a smile. Most of the time, the front office know the name of each and every child. My kids have been in each room from the babies to the after school program and I have been impressed with the quality of the teachers as well as the love they give my kids. - Safi M. on 01/17/2014

My daughter loves going to school here. She is very happy and talks about her teachers. She also made the comment today when I picked her up how much she loves Corey and Summer. - Tamara H. on 01/17/2014

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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