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The teachers are very attentive to my child's needs. They care for her like she was one of their own. The owners are great to talk to and listen in your time of need. This is the best child learning facility that my family has been to ever! Keep up the gear work!! - Tamara H. on 03/29/2013

It is a very loving environment. My daughter is excited about learning and shows continuous growth and development. - Kristy B. on 03/26/2013

ALWAYS very clean, extremely well staffed with low turnover. Great communications with parents and the curriculum is fantastic. - Katy M. on 03/23/2013

The staff is very supportive, and child oriented. That is excellence at work! Thanks. - Rosalia P. on 03/23/2013

Everyone is so nice and friendly! My daughter loves her teachers and the staff. Leaving your child at daycare is not an easy thing to do but Kiddie Academy has made it more than okay. I don't think of it as daycare but rather school because my daughter is always showing me the new things she has learned!! - Kelly P. on 03/23/2013

The latest technology in the classrooms is amazing! The teachers and their commitment to attend trainings and be the best they can be is one of my favorite characteristics of the staff as a whole! - Heather T. on 03/22/2013

I feel like my child likes going to school because he is cared for while learning. Great care and purpose :) - Leigh G. on 03/18/2013

I like the quality learning that begins at a young age and that the students are beyond prepared when it coming to starting school. - Kinsey P. on 03/08/2013

I love how much my son seems to be learning while at Kiddie Academy. Show and tell, the pictures of him from the planned activities, and the songs he continues to sing when gets home lets me know he has fun while I'm at work. The security there is great and the staff is very welcoming. The list of things could go on and on. - Kelsey B. on 03/06/2013

Everything!!! The teachers are great and your staff are very friendly! - Keri H. on 03/02/2013

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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