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I love that there are so many different activities for them to enjoy & learn from each day. I also like that they get to experience different extra curricular activities at no extra charge. The activities that do cost a little more are affordable and are well worth it! - Kristy B. on 09/10/2012

The curriculum, the little extra events, Friday night child care (would be nice if that was more than once a month!), most of the teachers seem to enjoy the children & their jobs. We came from another excellent school that focused on not saying "no" or "dont do that" and instead would find alternatives such as "walk away" or "not ok." Perhaps because of that, I am more sensitive to hearing teachers speak negatively & I've heard more kiddie academy teachers raise their voices & say no, instead of something more effective. It would be good for the school to implement a similar policy, and it helps parents to speak more effectively to their children as well, especially during the difficult toddler phase. - Katy H. on 09/09/2012

The staff is amazing and I like the age appropriate ciriculum for the children. - Kristi S. on 08/21/2012

I really like the structure of being consider a preschool vs daycare. All the staff is very friendly, welcoming and understanding. I feel like the teachers sincerely care about my son's happiness and they provide a caring, comfortable environment for him. - Merick S. on 08/17/2012

Everything at the school is so organized and every person at the center knows what is going on. I am always impressed with the smiles and warm greetings that I receive from every person when I walk through the door. I love that the teachers really love my kids and take the time to get to know my kids and show them they care. The teachers are quick to praise my children and are very good at redirecting and handling any problem behaviors. It is apparent that the teachers/workers in this establishment are well paid and are valued employees, because they all appear to really love their jobs. The owners of this establishment have done an amazing job of creating a school environment that my children love to go to every day! - Kerri P. on 08/17/2012

My child excels in learning skills that are advanced for her age group. - Michelle H. on 08/17/2012

Kiddie Academy offers more than a normal child care facility and at a reasonable price. My son loves attending and comes home almost everyday talking about something new he has learned. They go above and beyond what the state requires of them and it shows in the kids. - Ashley H. on 08/02/2012

The teachers that you have are very patient, friendly, understanding and caring about the children. The best that I have ever experienced in the many daycares I've had my Son at prior to Kiddie Academy. They truely are there for the kids and thats important to me as a Parent. The Management staff is exceptional as well. Being a single parent, the fact that you work with me during the summer months when my son is away for an extended period of time, means a lot to me and I am very appreciative of that. Most places don't work with the Parents like you do and that is why my Son will stay at Kiddie Academy until he is too old to go anymore. Thank you to you and your staff! - Debbie M. on 07/30/2012

I like that my daughter loves it. She is always excited to go to school and she is always happy when she tells me how her day went. She loves the teachers and her friends. I know that she is being well taken care of and I know that I can check on her at anytime of the day. - Briana G. on 07/24/2012

They hire the best teachers and run a great program! My kids learn while there and dont want to leave sometimes. - Summer B. on 07/23/2012

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We are located outside of the Tuscan Lakes subdivision close to the Buc-ee's.

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