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The management and employees! - Chris G. on 10/07/2022

How happy my daughter is. She loves this place. - Kati-lyn G. on 10/07/2022

The staff is incredibly friendly, and they all seem to know our son! They have been so accommodating and patient with us, our three year old absolutely LOVES his teachers and has learned more then we thought he would already! We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing school! - Holly G. on 10/07/2022

Great teachers - Rebecca B. on 10/07/2022

Communication, transparency, and caring - Tia L. on 10/07/2022

Good staff, CLEAN, great playground, good feedback on the kids. I also appreciate the structure and routine they instill into the kids. - Katie C. on 08/06/2022

The care, video access and communication - Alex S. on 06/16/2022

I love how the teachers are always wearing a smile and they greet the children by name each morning. - Hope M. on 06/16/2022

Kiddie Academy (KAM) has been wonderful. I kept my toddler home through COVID-19 and Kiddie Academy was his first experience of daycare and being around so many people and kids. While it took him time to adjust the teachers and staff at KAM were so wonderful and patient with him, always showing such care and compassionate re-direction when needed. We also went through potty training here and they have been really communicative and patient as we had to figure out what works at home might not work at school. They found what did work and were just incredibly patient, affirming and encouraging to him (big thanks to Ms. Ivelisse!!) While he cried when he first started, now he looks forward to going everyday and often talks about his teachers like Ms. Deja, Ms. Ivelisse, and now Ms. Tilsa when he is at home. As a first time parent and coming off of COVID I don’t think we could have asked for anything better! They also do a great job connecting with local sports for things like soccer, T-ball, and basketball, which our little one loves. It definitely helps that they have cameras and we and check in at any time. They are great communicators, quick responders to emails and just good people! We are grateful and We highly recommend KAM!! Thank you all! - Lakisha L. on 06/16/2022

Kiddie Academy has been great working with my son. I feel like we are a team! - Alana G. on 06/16/2022

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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