Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of Mill Creek

“Amazing staff, personal attention to kids, very friendly & supportive environment for kids , prepping them up for kindergarten. ”

Sreedevi N.


“Its the best, clean, safe and friendly facility ”

Pinal B.


“Oliver likes his class. As a parent, just wishing to get some photos. We used to receive photos every day last year in 108, nothing at all now.”

Kimika W.


“Great school ”

Shashwat G.


“The routine and structure of the day helps my child to know what is expected and transition between activities easily. ”

Heather K.


“I love this place!”

Stacy M.


“Wonderful and responsive staff and management, clean facilities, great app/cameras to monitor your child remotely if needed, daily activity details provided over email, information about various requirements/events/weather closures provided in advance/on time. Overall organized and efficient operation. ”

Chinmay S.


“I like the way the staff is engaged with the kids. My son always has a smile on his face when he is back which trumps anything else that a parent can write as a testimonial. ”

Rahul N.


“Classroom 108 - the teachers and the level of engagement they have. After a somewhat rocky time in 106 (multiple teacher transitions) the previous year, this was a good stable year. Ms Jyoti and Ms Krystal go above and beyond for the kids, they also regularly and proactively engage with the parents to keep us updated on the child's development or general school experience. The kids are lucky to have them. However, I would like to comment that the management team could do a better job in consistent and updated communication with parents, especially about classroom transitions and expectations. As me and my husband have previously communicated directly, this has been a challenge and makes it really hard for the child (who are scared, especially when transitions happen). Couple of examples: 1. We received an email on Dec 27 2022 that Arjun will transition to 110 from 108 in the new year and his transition will be completed by Feb 1 2023. The date for the transition changed to Feb 28 2023, but we received no formal communication and were told about the shifted date only when we asked about how things are going re: transition in January 2023. 2. Then suddenly, early February (I do not recall exact date since there was no written communication, but probably around Feb 6) we were told that Arjun will transition to 110 the next day full time. We had no time to prepare Arjun who is very sensitive to change (like many other kids his age) and he was unwilling to go back to 110 the next day because he said 'no one wanted to be his friend' and he had a horrible time. 3. Subsequently, we requested the school he be allowed to return to 108 and have a slower transition and if he is sent to 110 then please let at least one other student (who were told is also scheduled to transition to 110 at the same time as Arjun) go with him so he has familiar face/friend. We were told by the management team that yes of course. This was baffling - why could it not be done in the first place? ”

Rohit C.


“We are absolutely delighted and contended that our daughter is within a daycare with focus on child development and learning. We have been a part of Kiddie family for almost 2 years now.”

Dharti T.


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