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Staff is very friendly. My kids love their teachers there! - Salena W. on 10/29/2020

Everything! You guys are awesome!! - Rebecca L. on 10/23/2020

Reliable, compassionate and understanding which is huge for a new parent. My daughter loves her teachers, is so happy and has come so far since she started. She is motivated to progress by her teachers and watching her friends in class. Her teachers meet her at her level and help us learn how to help her grow. We just couldn’t be happier! - Kelly B. on 10/23/2020

Kiddie Academy is amazing to say the least. They are quick to resolve issue, extremely transparent, makes the students and parents feel safe and truly a home away from home for my children. Most can’t say they feel extremely comfortable leaving am their infant in the care of others, however, the infant teachers take great care of my babies. They even taught my 1 year old how to walk and eat by himself. My family and I recently moved where there is another Kiddie academy closer to home. Believe me, I’d rather the extra commute to ensure my kids can remain at KAMC. - Ka'vonda W. on 10/22/2020

The efforts put in. Example - Teaching the kids Spanish and sign language - Fnu Sumit G. on 10/22/2020

Raising our toddlers to be wonderful adults! - Cole C. on 10/22/2020

I love how tailored your programs are to the developmental age of the child. I can tell Archer is being engaged with all of the new words, signs and songs he comes home with! Your communication with parents is also top notch - Madison H. on 10/22/2020

The interactive teaching is very commendable - Osazuwa A. on 10/22/2020

The kind, attentive teachers who really care about our son and help him to learn and entertain him every day. - Kelsey J. on 12/20/2019

I love the teachers - Samantha S. on 12/06/2019

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Our Academy is conveniently located behind Walmart, not far from the intersection of 1092 and Highway 6, at 3811 Raoul Wallenberg Lane.

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