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The staff is amazing and they truly care for the kids. I feel safe knowing that my children are in good hands. - Amanda H. on 07/04/2017

The directors and teachers are very knowledgeable in knowing how to get the children involved and bring out their personality! They always provide fun activity with an educational purpose and my kids come home with new things they learned. - Alicia R. on 05/17/2017

Rowan has completely blossomed since attending Kiddie Academy. His speach as dramatically improved and he comes home telling me all the fun things he did and learned in school. His eating habits have completely changed and he is no longer as picky as he once was. I would recommend kiddie academy to everyone. - Jody Van De B. on 05/04/2017

It's so great to have such small class sizes and a real focus on my son. - Rachael G. on 05/03/2017

Caring Staff - Jennifer E. on 04/19/2017

AMAZING! - Lisa P. on 04/18/2017

The caring teachers and the good communication - Abby C. on 03/15/2017

The staff here is very responsive and ot's apparant that they really do have a genuine care for the kids! - Juel M. on 02/22/2017

I love kiddie academy for the educational service and also how caring the teachers are with the kids - Maria F. on 01/27/2017

I like that they learn songs, their alphabets and other skills needed in preparation for kindergarten. - Marsha S. on 01/25/2017

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