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Our daughter loves to go to school and often times doesn't want to leave! From an educational standpoint, we love how the curriculum continues to challenge her in new ways. She has become so confident in using her words to express her wants and needs, and using ASL for those words she cannot grasp quite yet. It's hard to believe she's only a toddler with how much she knows! We are so grateful for the teachers of KAO!! - Taylor B. on 01/03/2024

My daughter is thriving in the JK program learning her sight words and beginning reading skills. She practices on her chrome book with math, reading and even chess skills. She’s currently at a 1st grade math level. So proud of her progress. My son is beginning to talk in full sentences and surprises us daily with what he is communicating to us. While some of what he says is not understood, it has improved from when he first began in the twos program in April. - Jody M. on 01/02/2024

A 9 because of having no options for part time. My son is autistic so not only does he receive special services through WSD, he also gets ABA therapy daily that happens during the academy’s open hours. - Kandice J. on 11/02/2023

It was a long ride until one of my girls got used to the new routine in the daycare, but Ms Joanna and Ms Maria were so nice to her that now she loves to go to school. Many evenings she tells me "mommy, today I didn't cry" and I know (cause I saw through the cameras) how much care she got from her teachers by being held when she needed to feel safe. It means a lot to us! Thank you for doing what you do! - Cris M. on 11/02/2023

Honestly, I like everything about your services. You all are so loving, caring, and professional. You teach the kids good and right values and healthy boundaries. I love the way you teach them so many things through play. Jaiden surprises us with his knowledge of new things he learns with you guys over and over again. I admire your energy and patience with the kiddos. Also, we love that we can "peak" into the classroom through "watch-me-grow" and see how Jaiden is doing. And we appreciate so much the pictures you take throughout a day and send them to us. My husband and I are so grateful for all of you and we are so happy that our son is attending Kiddie Academy. - Enisa B. on 11/02/2023

Very caring people are around my kid - Estefanie T. on 11/02/2023

We are so happy with how much Bodhi continues to learn and grows at KAO! The open and frequent communication provides so much confidence and assurance as parents, so thankful for his teachers and leaders in all they do each day. - Jennifer B. on 11/01/2023

We love how much our daughter's teachers are invested in her everyday growth as we are! Getting an almost toddler ready for school can be a hassle some days but as soon we tell her whose awaiting her arrival at school (Ms. Jaykia and her friends), she is instantly pointing to leave. Thank you for loving on her in our absence & encouraging her love for school at such a young age. - Taylor B. on 09/01/2023

My daughter just transitioned into a new twos room. She was very sad to leave Ms. Destiny, her last teacher, but is already saying she loves Ms Shannen. It is clear both teachers have a warm, inviting presence to their classroom friends. - Chassidy J. on 08/31/2023

My Children have grown so much within their time at KAO. My daughter is 5 and in the JK program with Ms. Joanna and Ms. Mariah. My favorite part of the day is when we are headed home, and she tells me all about her day and what she learned. I am fully confident that not only Ms. Joanna and Ms. Mariah, but all of the teachers that she has had the pleasure to have in her time at KAO, have fully prepared her for her adventures in Kindergarten. My son is in the two's program with Ms. Destiny and Ms. Shayna, and he is sometimes a wild child. He loves coming to school and seeing his teachers and friends. He is getting so smart and his vocabulary is growing so much recently. It warms my heart to see and hear about the love he has for his teachers, and they him. I am forever thankful for the bonds my children have made with the staff in the KAO building. - Tori A. on 08/04/2023

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