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During the fall, our son struggled for a bit with hitting. We worked with the teacher, and in a fairly short period of time, his behavior improved. I’m, of course, very grateful for this change. However, I’m even more grateful for his teacher during this time. She never gave up on our son and always saw him as a little boy with the potential for kindness. I felt like she saw his innate personality as gentle and sweet, not unkind and hurtful. In fact, she even sent a comment home that used the phrase when he was gentle, “being himself”— proof that she didn’t assume he was going to always be a hitter. As a parent, I was very daunted by a child who displayed such unkind behaviors, but his teacher never gave up on him and quickly found ways to help him redirect his feelings. At that point, he stopped hitting and his gentler behaviors have remained. Here we are, more than a month later, and our son consistently has good days, quotes his teacher all the time (she is a wealth of manners and patience!), and loves going to school. We wish we could clone her and bring her with us wherever we go because there is NOTHING like knowing a teacher cares for and loves your child. Kiddie Academy, once again, has outdone themselves in hiring the best of the best, and our family is so grateful this teacher helped our son grow so much! We consistently reap the benefits of a Kiddie Academy education! - Bonnie S. on 12/05/2021

Teachers are very comfortable talking to parents about accomplishments and opportunities of growth. They seem genuinely interested in the development of my child. - Linh N. on 12/02/2021

We are so thankful for Kiddie Academy! Scarlett is thriving both academically and socially, and we have the amazing staff at KAO to thank for that. She's excited to go to school every single day, and as her parents, we couldn't be more thrilled about it! -Kayla and Scott Rodgers - Kayla R. on 12/02/2021

Patience, consistent, and great communication! - Sarah W. on 12/02/2021

Kellan likes that she can play with her friends at school. It helps that she has had a consistent teacher in the room. She is excited to put her backpack on to go to school and even helps us put her things in it for the day. Keegan is happy almost all the time. The teachers know that if he is upset, he is either tired, hungry, or needs a change. He is thriving in his new classroom with the big babies. - Jody M. on 11/25/2021

The staff are top notch,professional and honest. They brought out the best out of my child ,my wife and I are thankful to God that we made the right choice of school for our dear son. - Chidi C. on 11/25/2021

Their communication about and compassion for kids is consistently high level. This shows how much they care about the kids educationally and for their safety. - Sarah W. on 10/30/2021

The kids learn so much while having fun and are well taken care of! - Dave C. on 10/30/2021

The curriculum is great and the teachers are all loving and caring with our kiddos. Our kids are very attached to their teachers and love going everyday. Leadership is attentive and responsive to our questions and needs and communication is clear. We love it! - Kendra H. on 10/23/2021

Our oldest son is now in first grade, having spent the 2020-21 school year back at Kiddie Academy instead of attending Kindergarten during the bulk of the pandemic. We weren't sure how starting first grade would go-- would he be academically behind, having missed concepts that public school had taught in Kindergarten? No, he was completely prepared! Even though we didn't do Kiddie Academy's official kindergarten program, their regular curriculum perfectly prepared him for 1st grade-- he learned to read with Kiddie Academy, he learned number sense, and all of the foundational concepts that he could have missed were taught and incorporated into Kiddie Academy's fun, focused, academic-with-play day. Our son is thriving in first grade, and we, once again, have Kiddie Academy to thank for helping our family. Both of our children have been so blessed by having Kiddie Academy teachers who love them tremendously and care for them not just as young children but as individual people. Kiddie Academy has been an investment that will pay off for the rest of their lives. - Bonnie S. on 10/23/2021

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