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Kelly is great with the kids. She is very interactive. Great that able to see my baby on the cameras anytime I want - Cindy P. on 12/05/2016

Curriculum and theme based activities and lesson plans Appropriate infusion of recreational activities Breaking age groups into two (A & B) segments- this allows children to be better with their peers who have similar developmental skillset Age appropriate activities that promotes gross and fine motor skills, language, communication, independency, team building, learning, fun and peer to peer and adult to child socialization/interaction Attentive, friendly, energized staff who create a fun and engaging environment that permits personal and academic growth and development. Clean and spacious classrooms that are equipped with traditional and contemporary educational and recreational supplies and materials Daily reports and pictures Security system Lunches prepared on location Bathroom and sink access in classroom Watch Me Grow program Director and teachers are easy accessible and accommodating - Alicia M. on 12/05/2016

I like how the caregivers really seem to know my son and can anticipate his needs. I enjoy hearing updates from them each day and love being able to check in on him via webcam whenever I miss him! - Erin S. on 11/19/2016

It keeps the kids engauand occupied at all times. - Seema G. on 11/19/2016

I love that I feel 100% safe leaving our children in your hands. Mason and Jake are happy when we arrive in the morning and just as happy when I pick them up in the afternoons. I am so thankful that all of their teachers have cared for them in a way that we could have only hoped. Also, I am thankful that Jen and Elisa have always gone the extra mile to be sure Mason is taken care of with regards to his food allergies. Thanks so much for the great care you all provide! - Caitlyn H. on 11/14/2016

Security, cleanliness - Venkata N. on 11/05/2016

Continue to do what you are doing. Doing great job. - Chetana T. on 10/23/2016

Staff is wonderful and my son is learning new things every day - Amira S. on 10/16/2016

Everything!!! Teachers and staff: they all have been so caring and super nice. My son loves all the teachers and talks highly of each one of them. He is learning so much from them and he's enjoying it. I am certain he's already ready for kindergarten and he still has another year to goer enjoy Tadpoles to keep up on how my son learned that day and keep track how he's doing. Lunches: I don't have to worry about packing lunches and he's getting balanced meals. Security and cameras: entrance to the building is secured with our own entrance codes and the added bonus that I can see my son having fun with his friends throughout the day. Extra activities: soccer shots, water days, school gardens. My son loves them all. I'm so happy he's getting this exposure at school as well. As well as a very inclusive environment for all cultures. We all love Kiddie Academy - Elizabeth W. on 09/12/2016

Love the amount of stimulating activities, lunches, building security, hours, and the ability to check-in on my child while traveling. Definitely helps with the Working Mom guilt, when I can see her throughout the day and how happy she is! - Dominique R. on 08/30/2016

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