Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of South Riding

“Children gets enough attention from their teachers, fewer children in the classroom, with almost the same age makes it great. The curriculum used is not over stimulating, but help kids to understand the basics of learning with a great foundation for future success.”

Comfort C.


“It is a safe place for my children, good early stimulation of fine and gross psychometry. You feel a family atmosphere. I like it a lot!”

Eliana Villarroel C.


“It is teaching my toddler great important like skills. As well as learning an age appropriate curriculum ”

Jackie B.


“From the moment we stepped into Kiddie Academy, we never felt like just another customer. Instead, we were welcomed into a warm and caring environment where every child is treated with love, respect, and care. The staff at Kiddie Academy are not just employees, they are caregivers who put their heart into their work. Our son was not just another student to them, but a unique individual with his own needs and personality. They treated him with the utmost respect and care, nurturing his growth and development in a loving and supportive environment. The team at Kiddie Academy goes above and beyond to ensure that every child feels valued and cared for. Their commitment to providing a nurturing and educational environment for children is evident in everything they do. Our experience with Kiddie Academy has been nothing short of amazing. We are grateful for their dedication and the love they have shown towards our son. We highly recommend Kiddie Academy to any parent seeking a childcare service that truly cares about their child's well-being and development.”

Seyma P.


“Qualified and experienced staff. Give a lot of attention on details for the kids”

Haidar Haidar A.


“One of the things i really value is the low turnover rate of teachers (this was an issue for one of our older children at a different school) so that there is a consistency maintained for the kids. Good program, fun activities- my child is learning a lot and having fun! ”

Jiyoon K.


“I like that I have the ability to watch my child at daycare. I also really like how good they are with the kids, they learn so much at Kiddie Academy!”

Ashley M.


“How great they take care of my child. ”

Christina A.


“They care for the kids like their own. They thrive at communication. ”

AaKita P.


“Everything is just perfect, from kids nurturing and learning. ”

Manoj K.


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