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My son is learning SO much more than at his old pre-school! He can read, can write is first and last name, has a solid grasp of the months and days of the week (English and Spanish), and is learning numbers and basic counting (we don't call it addition, yet that is what he is learning). - Lori S. on 05/03/2013

I have always been very impressed with the personal attention the staff at Kiddie Academy pays to my daughter. They understand her unique needs and do their very best to accomodate her. I also appreciate the communication between the Kiddie Academy staff and myself. They are very quick to let me know of any new developments or issues with my daughter and are always willing to work with me on solutions to any problems/issues that arise. - Susan A. on 05/03/2013

I like how caring and nurturing the staff is with the kids. - Kimberly H. on 05/02/2013

My husband and I appreciate the caring knowledgeable staff, and have noticed a significant improvement in our child's vocabulary. Thank you!! - Carmen L. on 05/02/2013

The teachers truly care about my daughter and she loves them. One of Ava's teachers stopped me when we were leaving one day just to say how sweet she is and what a joy it was to have her in her class. It was a very proud mom moment. I have already recommended 2 families and both are attending KA now :) - Allison L. on 05/02/2013

What's not to like? The staff is incredibly friendly and extremely knowledgable about caring for and educating children. I could see academic progress within 2 weeks of my child being there. As a single mom I'm very protective of my daughter, but while she's there I know I have NOTHING to worry about. - Renee F. on 05/02/2013

Great staff - Lena Y. on 04/05/2013

Clean, organized facility - Jennifer W. on 03/06/2013

I absolutely love the child care services. The staff is so friendly and loving to my child. They give one on one attention to your child. My son was having a very difficult time eating and within a week, between his teachers, Mrs, Nicci and I, we all worked together to overcome that obstacle. That was a huge thing for me and I cannot say enough about that. - Dimple P. on 03/05/2013

There is actually a schedule and coarse work the children learn. It is set up great and at a good pace for thier age. There are no video games, no TV... thier minds are always working, creating, imagining. - Amber Z. on 01/11/2013

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