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My daughter has been at Kiddie Academy for almost 3 months. We were extremely heartbroken to take her out of the last school she was in, but due to a recent job change, we had no choice. (Commuting to SF got to be a bit too much with two small kids). I have to say I have been tremendously pleased with the transition. I feel she has excelled so much in the short 3 months thanks to the teachers and staff at Kiddie Academy. My daughter is a very intelligent rambunctious 4 year old (and we say that out of love) and we appreciate their structure and discipline. We have seen such a change in her, of course for the best. I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy. I don't recommend friends and family often unless I’m 100% sure that it’s a place I truly believe in. I am counting down the days (months) until my son turns two and can attend. Knowing my kids are in a safe, structured but still enjoyable learning facility is one of the best feelings. I can go to work every day knowing that my daughter is being taken care of by people that treat her as if they are their own. On a scale of 1 to 10 of how satisfied I am, I would say a 15…. And that comes from a very stubborn resistant person =) - Nicole D. on 10/04/2012

The staff are very attentive to my daughter's needs and they are very easy to approach with any concerns I may have. - Susan A. on 09/04/2012

Kiddie Academy has been wonderful. I love the family versus corporate environment and they truly focus on all aspect of child development. - Sara P. on 08/31/2012

I love that my son gets homework!!! He actually likes it to. I can see what he is learning and where he needs help. I love how Kiddie Academy promotes books and learning all the time! - Amber Z. on 08/31/2012

The caring attitude of all of the staff and the fun, yet educational environment. - Lori S. on 08/31/2012

My sons teacher Miss April is so sweet and wonderful! - Jessica C. on 06/22/2012

I love how much my child has learned in your program, she has not been their very long and I love all the progress she has made. keep doing what your doing. I AM 150% SATISFIED. - Lakisha J. on 06/12/2012

My son is very eager to learn. - DeVonna B. on 06/11/2012

The entire staff genuinely cares for my daughter. She loves going to "school" every day and they have instilled the love of learning in her. - Stephanie M. on 06/11/2012

The teachers are caring, and each class room is full of color and educational materials which is not the case with other centers. Everyone genuinely cares, and they are honest and willing to work together with me to meet goals. - Gurpreet K. on 05/09/2012

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