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Education based preschool and it's full day. - Erin J. on 07/15/2019

Well organized, safe and secure environment , friendly staff, great curriculum very hands on allows the children to explore as they learn . Great school highly recommended - La'Tisha D. on 06/17/2019

great environment and teachers - Tori C. on 06/10/2019

Ms. Marina is so genuinely caring and doesn't get easily flustered like I have seen some other teachers and teaching assistants become. She loves her kids and it shows. I like the free community events and all of the communication we receive from Kiddie. When our son is pretty happy to go to school, I know he must be in a place that is fun and where he feels safe. - Julie O. on 06/09/2019

Friendly staff, diverse students, and great lessons. I love how they keep us updated and involved in the growth of our children through daily emails, video, and parent teacher conferences. - Payal S. on 05/13/2019

My child is very happy at Kiddie Academy. I can tell he learns a lot, he loves going to see “teachers and friends” every day and the staff is wonderful. - Sloane Simmoms (. on 05/13/2019

Freshly made meals, curriculum, extra curricular activities, cleanliness, friendliness - Brianna H. on 04/09/2019

Mostly attentive. Makes the environment engaging for our little one. Fairly clean and the facility is maintained for the most part. Like that there are cameras so we can look in when we want. Food is provided, books are read, movement and dancing happen. Sleep time is awesome. The demeanor of some personnel can be better, but being around kids all day can be tiresome. You also have extra-curricular activities like soccer and basketball. Need to be more attentive to diaper care and cleaning of accidents. Baby has come home numerous times with painful rashes down there. Not recently, but overall. - Erick H. on 04/09/2019

I appreciate the security of my child at Kiddie Academy and the interactive learning. Staff are friendly management is involved, approachable, committed and sincere. - La'Tisha D. on 03/17/2019

Before and after care options. - Caitlin K. on 03/17/2019

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