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The routine, organization and high expectations for the children. I also love how easy to talk to the staff is. - Sabrina C. on 01/08/2019

I love the small class sizes and great caretakers. It always feels like one big family plus all the workers have a great attitude every day. - Regina O. on 01/02/2019

Thorough and frequent communication. - Nicole B. on 12/11/2018

We love the ownership, the teachers and the facility and will recommend them to anyone! - Danielle B. on 12/11/2018

Video access, stem based, personable and understanding staff - Kathleen K. on 11/26/2018

I love that my child come's home nearly everyday with new vocabulary and an amazing sense of imagination that I know kiddie academy fosters. - Ashley O. on 11/06/2018

This school is a happy place for my 3years old boy. He has been learning so much since he starts going there. As 3years old, my boys can recognize all letters and numbers. Can’t complain at all... - Puntrigar (Kell S. on 11/06/2018

The owners are positive and caring and that sets a great tone in the school. - Kimberly A. on 11/06/2018

My son thrives at Kiddie Academy. He is so excited to be dropped off every day. His teachers in the Dahlia's classroom are fantastic as he learns something new every day. It's also a huge plus that meals are included. Thanks Kiddie Academy - Sloane Simmoms (. on 10/29/2018

They are looking from different point of view. Kiddie Academy is not only trying to teach ABCs or how to behave. They are very open minded and have wide variety subjects. For example they have chest classes, they made heritage week.. All these make Kiddie Academy Fishers Landing many steps further than others.. - Gozde D. on 10/28/2018

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