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Kiddie Academy of White Plains Spotify List

May 2, 2023

We love more than just ‘kids’ music in our program. We created a playlist designed to be lively and engaging for young children, with upbeat and playful songs that encourage movement and dancing. The songs include a mix of classic children’s tunes, newer, popular tracks, and everything in-between! This playlist was curated from the ‘top songs’ in each classroom, as provided by our educators! We believe that music is critical to development, for the below reasons:

  1. Music can help with language development: Studies have shown that exposure to music can help young children develop language skills. Listening to music and singing along can improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  2. Music can improve memory and cognitive skills: Music has been shown to improve memory and cognitive skills in young children. It helps them to remember things better, make connections between different pieces of information, and think creatively.
  3. Music can foster social and emotional development: Singing and dancing to music can help children learn about their emotions, express themselves, and connect with others. Music can also help children develop empathy, as they learn to appreciate different types of music and understand the emotions it conveys.
  4. Music can enhance motor skills: Moving to music can help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Dancing to music can improve coordination, balance, and rhythm, while playing musical instruments can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

If you are looking for a  new playlist to add into the rotation, be sure to look up our playlist on Spotify – ‘Kiddie Academy of White Plains’!