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Content and staff - Matthew L. on 08/16/2022

Love all of the staff. They are so friendly and know every child so well. - Alexis R. on 08/09/2022

My 2.5 year old son is thriving at Kiddie Academy. It’s where he learned to talk, share and listen. We love the communication that Kiddie Academy shows us. We are never left questioning. The teachers care so much for all the kids. They are very personable and happy. Thank you for giving the best care for my son - Robyn G. on 08/09/2022

The facility is very neat and clean. The teachers are very nice - Matthew D. on 07/06/2022

When our son started coming to Kiddie Academy he was 21 months old and was not speaking. We couldn’t get him into speech therapy via early intervention so credit his extraordinary development to the staff at Kiddie Academy. After a few short months his vocabulary is so impressive and he’s even saying phrases. He now counts to 10 and can cite the alphabet. He is also open now to so many different types of foods. He loves the staff and has so much fun there. It is a great relief for us. - Laura P. on 07/05/2022

The teachers are wonderful! And the facilities are beautiful and clean. - Karina S. on 06/16/2022

We love Kiddie Academy in white plains, all the staffs are very friendly and care about the children. Leah is awesome, very professional, super organized and responsive. We can’t thank KA for taking care of our daughter, and we are grateful knowing that she is in good hands every day we drop her off to KA. - John W. on 06/16/2022

Kiddie Academy in White Plains has a beautiful new facility. The staff and student population is relatively racially diverse. We also appreciated that staff and older students are still required to wear masks. The staff was also very welcoming and excited our daughter would be attending Kiddie Academy. We are so glad our daughter is in a place where she is safe and cared for. - Alietta B. on 05/31/2022

This school has a very happy setting. All the teachers are extremely friendly don't look like they don't want to be there, they're very happy and same goes towards the kids. Everyone is very friendly there and very involved in each child. This school also has great security to which makes us feel safe here. The activities the school does is also incredible. They also keep tabs on the children's day to day activities. We couldn't be more happy with this school. - Peter G. on 05/31/2022

Friendly People. - Ricardo M. on 05/24/2022

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