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Tips for Effective Virtual Communication with Kids

If you've ever eavesdropped on a preschooler's phone or FaceTime conversation, you probably found it very entertaining, but also a…

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Why Is Trying to Teach Kids At Home So Hard?

If it seems like your kids aren’t responding to your quarantine-mandated teaching style... Heck, if it seems like your kids…

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Kiddie Academy of Abingdon Food Drive

We Are Responsible

Special guest post by Maria Dontas, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility There's me on the right! The Importance of Being…

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Kiddie Academy students examining a butterfly

We Are Unique

When you look at snowflakes up close, it’s amazing to see just how intricate and beautiful these tiny little ice…

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Kiddie Academy Random Acts of Kindness

Kiddie Academies “Link Up” for Kindness

< Kiddie Academy locations nationwide teamed up to help celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. Our…

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Kiddie Academy students playing together

We Get Along

English: Together Spanish: Juntos (HUN-tos) American Sign Language: Curl fingers into fists, holding thumbs in the air. Touch fingers together…

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Kiddie Academy food drive

We Are Kind

We Are Kind is our December Character EssentialsSM curriculum theme. But at Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, kindness isn’t limited…

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We Are Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time for us to express gratitude for what we value in our lives. Family, friends, health, home,…

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