Our Favorite Bite-Sized Fall Fashion Picks for Expressing Individuality

Are superhero capes a main fashion accessory in your house? Does your little one have a goal to wear every color of the rainbow before leaving the house? Fashion can be a tricky part of parenting, or incredibly fun and a little entertaining. I’ll never forget the morning my son chose his outfit and he proudly donned snow bibs with flip-flops and half of the prior year’s Halloween costume (from when he was a chicken).

You want to teach your child that the quality of character is more important than the clothes they wear, while also instilling a sense of style with equal class and character.

It can be a challenge to talk a headstrong toddler out of wearing their favorite fur boots in the middle of summer. When it comes to fashion and kids, comfort and function aren’t always great considerations. But teaching your child to be creative and express their own individuality in what they wear every day can teach independence and confidence before getting to an age where conformity is the name of the style game. Teaching style that empowers their self-confidence will lay the foundation for smart fashion choices in the future when they’ll be inundated by peer pressure and a circle of friends in crop tops can be a mother’s worst nightmare.

This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite fall season bite-sized style staples that will encourage your kids to let their hair down when it comes to selecting an outfit. You can bet I’ll be living vicariously through my three-year-old when he wears that crown around town to run errands.



Row 1: Gold felt crown (HannahAndersson.com); Angel Wings Backpack (RHBabyandChild.com); Sherpa Cat Mittens (Gap);

Row 2: Faux Fur Vest (H&M); Hunter Kids First Toddler Boots (Zappos.com); Plaid Bear Mittens (Gap);

Row 3: Destined for Greatness Onesie (Old Navy); I share my sparkle tee (Carter’s); Young and Wild tee (Old Navy).

Letting your kids pick out what they want to wear might result in some hilariously adorable mix-matched outfits, color combinations and texture choices, but it’s a great way to encourage them to exercise independence. Think outside the box from just clothes and let your child have a say in the style of accessories they use like backpacks and school supplies. Do they want gold-foiled everything or are they more conservative composition-book users? These little decisions can give you big insights to their personalities and individuality.

What does your child love to wear? Post a link to your child’s favorite fall fashion staple in the comments and you might see it in our next Bite-Sized Style roundup!