Olympic Gold for Learning

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Good sportsmanship is an important skill that can benefit your child for life. The 2018 Olympic Games provide an excellent opportunity to teach your child the benefits of good sportsmanship through fun activities for the whole family. Here are festive suggestions your family can use to “Win Gold” for learning how to practice this principle at home, within the classroom and your community.

The Olympics, Good Sportsmanship, and your child

Teaching sportsmanship.

Help define sportsmanship for your child by discussing how your child’s class and family are similar to a sports team. Ask them what the members of a team need to do in order to be successful. For example:

  • – How do they encourage one another?
  • – How do they show respect for each other, even if they compete against a “teammate?”
  • – How would they handle talking with their teammate when something goes wrong?
  • – How do parents and teachers show sportsmanship with your children?
  • – Ask your child to look for and share examples of teamwork while your family watches the games.


Learn what skills are involved to compete in the Olympic Games.

Print out photographs of popular winter sports. Use the photographs to help your child identify each sport during the competition.

  • – Visit the Olympics web-page for a full description of each sport.
  • – Ask your child to think about the commitment athletes make to excel in these sports.
  • – Ask your child to discuss what training the athletes require to make the team.
  • – Encourage discussion about overcoming obstacles to meet a goal.


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Show your Olympic spirit.

  • – Proudly sporting red, white and blue clothing for Team USA helps show a sense of belonging to a group.
  • – Making Olympic inspired crafts throughout the games are a fun way to create excitement and engage in conversation.
  • – Hold your own Parade of Nations with your family.
  • – Designate one member to be the Olympic torch bearer with a flashlight or make your own torch.


Continue learning after the games conclude by discussing ways to practice good sportsmanship at home and in the classroom. Consider making your own “medals” to reinforce instances where your child consistently demonstrates this value.

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