August 22, 2022

Why Work in Early Childhood Education?

Working at a Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care location is more than just a job. It can be a launchpad to a whole galaxy of career opportunities.

Watch as employees from the Kiddie Academy corporate team share their experiences about how starting a career in early childhood education prepared them to grow on their career paths while delivering the satisfaction of making a lifelong impact on the lives of children.

Job outlook

Estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics are for the field to grow by 25% by 2030, adding about 59,600 openings for preschool teachers annually. That puts it well ahead of the pace for all other professions combined.

“This is a field that’s never going to go away,” said Sharon Pindell, Training Project Manager. “This is a field that needs strong, dedicated, loving individuals to really prepare children for their future. You, as an early childhood educator, are setting the stage for the rest of their life. You’re setting the foundation and that sounds very heavy, but it also is extremely rewarding.”

Where it can take you

Another reason this is a popular career choice is that the skills you develop as an early childhood educator are very transferable.

“I never thought I would end up somewhere like this when I started teaching,” said Stacey Brown. Her career path has taken her from the classroom to child care center director to now serving as one of the Operations Department’s Academy Opening Managers. “My goal was teaching, but people saw potential in me, and I got great opportunities from there. And I still use the skills I had when I was a teacher here today in my corporate job.”

Robert Bieschke, a former Academy teacher who’s now an Education Project Manager, said, “It doesn’t matter what job you move into. Having a better sense of community and having a better sense of the needs of people around you, I think that you’ll really get that in a Kiddie Academy classroom. We focus on needs and building community. That’s transferable anywhere, no matter where you go.”

Make an impact

Educators can make a huge positive difference in a child’s life, now and in the future. Joy Turner, Vice President of Education, knows how satisfying that can be. “When my career is over and I look back on my life, how honored I will feel that I’ve been able to touch thousands of children’s lives, impacting them positively. I don’t think every career has that opportunity.”

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