Kindness Grows: 325+ Locations Spread Joy

February is a month filled with love, and at Kiddie Academy, we took the opportunity to spread that love a little further with a nationwide campaign celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week. It’s been an inspiring few weeks, witnessing over 10,000 acts of kindness ripple across the over 325 communities where we serve families. But why is teaching children about kindness so important?

Teaching kindness, nurturing character

At Kiddie Academy, kindness isn’t just a week-long celebration; it’s woven into the very fabric of our company. Our core values – namely relationships, responsibility, passion, and impact – all stem from a belief in the power of caring for ourselves and others. We empower our educators to foster this spirit in every child they nurture, helping them understand the magic that happens when we choose kindness.

“Participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week helped foster a sense of unity across our Academy, promoting positive relationships and strengthening community resilience,” shared Marissa Kebe, Kiddie Academy of Paradise Hills (New Mexico) curriculum coordinator.

This month, Academies across the country took on the “kindness challenge,” dreaming up unique ways to bring kindness to life. From collecting toys for children in need to writing encouraging notes for local hospital staff, these little acts of compassion made a big difference. Our littlest learners created colorful cards for firefighters, spent time with senior citizens, and even donated blankets to animal shelters, spreading beauty and smiles everywhere they went.

These acts may seem small, but the impact is undeniable. Studies show that teaching children about kindness fosters empathy, social-emotional skills, and a sense of belonging. It builds self-confidence, reduces bullying, and even improves academic performance. In short, kindness makes the world a better place, starting with the hearts and minds of our future generation.

“Childhood kindness, illuminated by efforts like Random Acts of Kindness Week, serves as a beacon, reminding adults of the simple truths that define a meaningful life,” shared multi-unit franchisee Devinder Singh Josan. “In their innocence and sincerity, children lead by example, reminding us of what truly matters and shining a light on compassion and connection – the very essence of life.”

Celebrating kindness, together

Witnessing the enthusiasm and creativity of our educators and children throughout this campaign has been truly heartwarming. From coast to coast, over 10,000 acts of kindness were documented, exceeding our initial goal and proving that even the smallest actions can have a ripple effect.

We’re also excited to announce that one lucky Academy was the winner of a $1,500 donation to a charity of their choice. Kiddie Academy of Darien (Illinois) selected Metropolitan Family Services as the recipient of this donation, citing the charity’s commitment to advocating for and empowering families as the motivation for their selection. The Academy has fostered a relationship with the nonprofit, helping to support their mission and quality services to families throughout Chicago, DuPage County, Evanston/ Skokie and the southwest suburbs.

Join us!

Share your own acts of kindness across social media with #KiddieAcademyKindness and inspire others to spread the love. Together, let’s create a world where kindness is the norm, and every child feels empowered to make a difference.