Teeny Weeny Bikini for Baby?

My husband and I decided to enroll our five-month-old daughter in a swim class this summer – more for the sake of a fun family activity than the need to teach a five month old how to swim. So we were left with the task of finding two things: swim diapers and a bathing suit.

Swim diapers were easy…check. Finding a bathing suit, technically, was easy but while looking I found something a bit disturbing: string bikinis for babies? I personally have no problem with a two-piece bathing suit for my infant daughter – the sight of her milk belly and little bellybutton makes my heart melt – but a string bikini? With small triangles tops covering non-existent lady parts? And strings holding up the bottoms? Is it just me or the string bikini sexualizing our daughters at 3 months of age? This all is too creepy for me.

And, apparently it’s not just me. This topic has been quite popular lately with ABC and FOX news picking up the story and mommy blogs buzzing with questions on baby bikinis being cute vs. inappropriate. These “babikinis” as they are called are making headlines.

What do you think about the babikinis? Cute or too sexy? For me, my daughter will be swimming in her red heart-decorated one piece this year.