August 31, 2017

Helping Our Houston Community

Over the past few days, the world has been watching the rising tide, the dangerous rescues and the damage left behind in the Houston area. While the Kiddie Academy early learning schools in the area did not incur any major damage, the homes of some Kiddie Academy staff and families were affected.

Ongoing conversations with our franchisees in Houston have been reassuring; all academies in the Houston area either resumed services this week or will resume services immediately following the Labor Day Weekend.

Nevertheless, many members of our extended community are suffering from the widespread devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Kiddie Academy serves more than 1800 children in the Houston market with approximately 400 staff members. Some of the families of our enrolled children and staff have experienced life altering setbacks as a result of the flooding. The loss of property, automobiles and even homes is widespread and there is an immediate need for our assistance.

Kiddie Academy joins the nation in sending our thoughts and prayers to all families who’ve been affected. We invite community members nationwide to join us in supporting our Kiddie Academy families in Houston who may have been affected by the Hurricane Harvey. Some are in urgent need of support now, and many more may be facing tough times ahead. At Kiddie Academy’s headquarters in Abingdon, MD, we’re pulling all our resources to identify the most urgent needs and determine how we can best help families in the affected areas.

If you would like to donate to help these families and staff members, please contact your local Kiddie Academy to see how you can support our efforts.

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