January 3, 2019

Kiddie Academy Launches Learn On℠! Promotional Campaign

Happy new year! As we step into 2019, we’re excited to share with you Kiddie Academy’s® new national promotional campaign, Learn On℠!

Kiddie Academy Learn On

Learn On, which launched on Jan. 1, is the next chapter in the Kiddie Academy story you’re familiar with from recent years through our Amazing Starts Here campaign. Learn On focuses on how Kiddie Academy’s philosophy of blending education with fun sparks a passion for learning that children carry with them wherever they go, for the rest of their lives.

“We’re a catalyst for learning,” said Nicole Salla, Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Marketing. Learn On underscores our belief that what we do at each Kiddie Academy prepares your child for a school and life. We offer opportunities and motivation so that children can act on their natural tendencies toward curiosity and discovery. We provide the inspiration and encouragement to develop this sense of wonder into a lifelong passion for learning that they take with them from the Academy into their homes and communities.

You’ll see this illustrated in the campaign’s first two TV commercials.

In “My Letter,” a child learning his alphabet starts to recognize the letter C – the first letter of his name – in the Academy, at home and throughout his community as he goes through the day. In “Rock Hound,” a young girl learns about geology during a lesson and brings her enthusiasm with her from the Academy to her home.


We think most parents will recognize what you see in these commercials as behaviors you see in your own children when they come home from Kiddie Academy.

“The owners and staff in our Academies are inspiring over 25,000 children every day, preparing them for school and life,” Salla said. “We create momentum for curiosity and we create confidence. Our professionals have the freedom to merge their skills with a curriculum that encourages children to think in their own way. The lessons and values the children learn at Kiddie Academy continue to make an impact beyond the hours and days we spend with them. It’s a powerful story to tell.”

Thank you for reading along, as we work together in raising the next generation of amazing kids!

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