Kiddie Community Friday: 13 Nights of Halloween, Millennial Parents and Imagining Your Potential

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Education, Parenting and Child Care News for the Week of October 12, 2015

We’re continuing our new Kiddie Community Friday series and serving up some of the most mom-newsworthy things from around the web this week that made us think, laugh, smile and cry. But mostly laugh. Here is a roundup of what we’ve been reading and watching so you don’t have to scour the internet trying to catch up in between drop-offs and pick-ups. Because who has the time?

  • One of our longtime favorite channels, ABC Family, is about to get a new name and undergo a big rebranding to target younger viewers it calls “becomers.” The channel’s president defines “becomers” not as a generation but as a life stage — “from your first kiss to your first kid,” or people roughly 14 to 34. They can define my life stage however they want as long as it means continual reruns of You’ve Got Mail. Not to mention their fantastic 13 days of Halloween countdown (during which, Hocus Pocus will air ten different times with two showings on Halloween night). Can you ever really get enough of Winifred Sanderson? But seriously, thank you to the editors at Babble for matching films from the 13 Nights of Halloween with themed snacks. Monster Shortbread Cookie Pops? Don’t mind if I do. Bring the family into the kitchen and whip up some monster munch before you cuddle up to watch Monsters University.
  • We couldn’t post this week’s roundup without including a fantastic Barbie commercial that went viral recently. Maybe you’ve seen it. The new video from Mattel came out this week in support of Barbie’s “Imagine the Possibilities” campaign which aims to show how the iconic doll can help young girls realize that they can achieve anything they want in life.

Kiddie Academy’s “Amazing Starts Here” campaign aims to inspire similar thinking, illuminating our brand promise to nurture individual potential, encourage a sense of wonder and inspire children to be imaginative, authentic and unique. Amazing things happen when kids are free to imagine they can be anything.

Did you read something newsworthy this week other parents need to see? Tell us in the comments and we might include it in the next roundup.  

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