2016 Educational Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

Heading into the holiday gift giving season, we know you’re looking for gifts to give your young children that they’ll get the most out of. So this year, the curriculum and teaching experts (and, yes, even some parents) in Kiddie Academy’s Department of Education put their heads together to come up with the most comprehensive, all-inclusive, no-questions-asked, no-toy-unturned, educational holiday gift guide for parents like you.

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With more than 40 different educational gifts ideas your kids will love, organized by school group from toddler and preschooler to kindergartener, this gift guide also includes some important resources at the front of the book. Don’t miss these articles as part of our gift guide here:

  • 5 Ways to Help Your Child Learn Gift Giving: In holiday gift guides, the emphasis is typically put on gifts to get others, but sometimes giving is the greatest gift of all. While generosity and selflessness – possibly even love – are big concepts for littles to grasp and fully understand, the art of gift-giving for young children should be about more than just opening presents from loved ones. Our educational experts go over a few ways you can introduce the lessons of gift giving to your child this season!


  • How to Talk to Your Children About Giving: Parents who speak with their young children about giving can positively influence their children’s philanthropic behavior later on in life. Here, our Department of Education team offers some tips for talking to your kids about giving this holiday season from considering others to starting important conversations at the dinner table.

Our 2016 Educational Holiday Gift Guide includes commentary throughout from education and curriculum experts inside Kiddie Academy’s Department of Education. They’ll share what inspired each selection and how it will benefit your child from an educational perspective. Start reading below or click this link to read more!


 2016 Educational Holiday Gift Guide for Parents


Read more about how we’re teaching children about holiday gift giving here!

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