A Guilt-Free Mother’s Day

If you’re a mom, you know what guilt feels like. And you’re likely thinking, “How in the world can I pull off a guilt-free Mother’s Day?” But it CAN happen! We moms just need a good nudging and encouragement sometimes.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Even more reason to celebrate in a guilt-free way! Our families depend on us to maintain a healthy quality of life so here are some tips from our very own Kiddie Academy moms on how to make your day great:

  • Make time for YOU — it allows you to be a better mom. Taking care of yourself first and identifying what you truly need to make your life feel more manageable will ultimately help your day to day outlook on parenting. Something as simple as getting help with dinner or having quiet time by yourself is a good place to start. Once you have an idea, make it a priority to make it happen.
  • Rejuvenate and refuel. It’s okay to indulge yourself every now and then. In fact, it’s important for your health so why not take advantage of your special day by refilling your mommy tank? Taking a nap or exercising is sure to boost your energy and make for a more joyful day for both you, and your family!
  • Get the kids involved! Just because its mother’s day doesn’t mean you can’t spend it with those who made you a mom. Recruit your little ones to help mommy have some fun. You can do crafts together, tell stories or even have them pamper you with love (and fun). Yogurt facial anyone?
  • Focus on the good you do! Write down some of your best qualities as a mom and reference it the next time you’re feeling stressed!

Oh and one last thing… you’re doing a GREAT JOB! Now, get out there and celebrate womanhood and motherhood! You deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day!

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