July 22, 2013

Back-to-school – how to be a tech-savvy parent

What’s that you say? Your child is more tech-savvy than you? If you’re in this predicament, don’t worry you’re not alone. But while your children are embracing technology before school starts, why not use it to your benefit too?

Getting organized at the start of the school year is one of the keys to staying organized. Technology can be an essential tool to help families in preparation for back-to-school.

Apps like Cozi can pull in calendars from your children’s school, create recurring activities and appointments, and color code activities for various family members in your family calendar. Additional features include a to-do list, meal planning, family journal, and shopping list.

LaLa Lunchbox provides your hungry little ones with a fun, easy and engaging way to plan and pack lunch. This feature will empower your children by allowing them to pick their own lunch using photo based icons, but it also allows you to save time since there’s no more guesswork about what to pack.

Exploring technology together with your children is a great way of bonding. Technology can also be a great educational tool when used appropriately for the new school year. Think of it more as an “intellectual toolkit” rather than just a new source of entertainment for your kids.

If you have a computer at home, talk with your children about the programs they know how to use. Stay informed about the new devices and websites they’re using and talk with other parents and teachers for ideas and feedback. There are great educational options for the 6-and-under club, including apps that promote learning numbers, shapes and colors. While your children are using these devices, continually talk with them and as ask engaging questions to help keep the focus on the educational aspect.

Technology is everywhere so jump on board! Focusing on educational and easy-to-navigate activities can help your children build a foundation of success and skills for the years ahead.

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