January 22, 2016

Best New Car Ride Activity for 2016

Best new car ride activity

Reading to your child is an important part of fostering their love for books, promoting early literacy, and expanding their vocabulary knowledge. Reading plays an essential role in their social and emotional development.

As parents, we don’t need to see the research studies for proof. We know how important it is. Yet, with the hustle and bustle of pick-up, dinner time, bath time and play time, reading a book before bedtime is the routine that sometimes gets neglected.

But children take great pleasure in listening to stories and hearing expressive or entertaining inflection. Almost all the classics are available in audio versions and there are great literacy benefits of listening to books for kids. This is why we dubbed “listening to books on-the-go in the car” the best new car ride activity for 2016!

Hearing books on tape (or our favorite: with an Audible subscription) can help children see the pictures they’ve imagined from the words come to life. Additionally, children must pay special attention to the sounds of each word as it is read aloud, offering a great lesson in fluency and listening.

One Kiddie Academy staff member praises E.B. White’s audiobook reading of Charlotte’s Web that he listens to with his daughter. A combination of the classic gentle, funny and poignant story everyone loves, narrated by E.B. White, gives listeners a new perspective. The reading is both pleasing to adults and children, making it one of our top picks to try with this “best new car-ride activity for 2016!”

Kiddie Academy families have access to download and listen to audio books that are appropriate for their child’s specific age through the school’s Music & More program. Families enrolled at participating Kiddie Academies have exclusive access to a Digital Family Guide where parents can download classroom songs and stories (audio books) for their personal family library, as well as the monthly family magazine with stories, activities and developmental information.

Make sure to follow along the rest of this month as we share our best-of-everything along with some of our Kiddie Academy best-of superlatives!

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