Use a Kiddie Academy Cheat Sheet

As parents, we’re often told that our kids “don’t come with a handbook.” Maybe not, but what if we had a cheat sheet that took out some of the guesswork? This month, we’re sharing some of the cheat sheets in our Kiddie Academy library that might help you stop second-guessing. Like, how do you prepare your taxes after a year of using child care? How do you build a library your kids will love forever? What do I do when my kids ask for a puppy? This month, we’ll take on these questions and more with a cheat sheet for each guaranteed to banish any concerns you may have of “am I doing this right?”

Today’s cheat sheet addresses the best spring seedlings to plant in your garden that will result in a bountiful harvest, but also sustain your child’s interest from planting to picking. Reference as needed this spring…

seedlings Cheat sheet (2)



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