Should Have Looked That One Up

About three weeks ago I noticed a small itchy rash on my 6-year old’s leg.  “I didn’t think we had any poison oak in the yard,” I said to him.  Oh, and the patch of the alleged poison oak was also in a perfectly round shape.  He didn’t complain too much about the itch and we continued on as normal, occasionally dabbing on my go-to miracle cure for everything A+D Ointment.  It is truly a miracle cream.  Plus it’s super fun to give some to a childless friend and as she’s putting it on her chapped lips announce that it’s really for baby bums.  Screech!

Last week my mother-in-law came to town. Within minutes of seeing her beloved grandson she identified the rash as ringworm.  My confidence as a seasoned mother with a penchant for identifying even the most mundane sign or subtle symptom faster than Google’s auto fill was shaken to its core.  I failed.  And miserably at that.  Poison oak in the shape of a perfect circle?  Really Martha?

One awkward stop at the pharmacy later, to buy ointment used to treat jock itch, and he is on his way to being just fine.  Ringworm, in case there are others like me, is not caused by any worm at all.  It’s spread from contact in areas like gyms, pools, showers and also from pets, especially cats.

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