June 27, 2011

Modern Day Mom

As we sat down to dinner as a family last night, it dawned on me…we are THAT family. You know the one. The family that is only home to run in, drop bags by the door, change clothes and run out; the family that often eats out of paper bags and drinks using straws; the family that has more luck finding clothes in the dryer or laundry baskets than in the closet…you know us.

There are days (many) where I feel like I have somehow failed the parenting gods. I often feel that as a working mother of children heavily involved in sports and activities, I have done a poor job of being June Cleaver. I don’t cook from recipes, I don’t know how to sew (not even a button), I don’t use the iron (a spray of Febreeze and a run through the dryer usually does the trick).

But, last night, as we all ate dinner together laughing, talking, recapping the day, I realized June Cleaver has nothing on me. Yes, maybe I am not the textbook mother, but I have happy, well-adjusted kids that enjoy spending time with their parents and will even give me a good-bye kiss in public.

So here’s to all of us Modern Day Moms! We may not fit the mold, but we hold our own in the parenting arena and we do a bang-up job of stimulating the economy with all our drive through dinners! Cheers!

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