September 13, 2023

Recognizing Working Parents

This Working Parents Day, we recognize and celebrate the incredible parents who gracefully balance work and home life.

At Kiddie Academy, our nurturing environment provides peace of mind, allowing parents to focus on their careers with confidence. With dedicated educators and a curriculum designed for growth, your child is in safe hands, always learning and thriving.

Courtney and Alle

“As working parents, it’s really hard for us to always find the time to get them into all the extracurriculars. The fact that the center brings it here, our children can still have the experience, even though they’re in childcare. It’s awesome.”


“I chose to be a working mom, and I want my child care center to feel like an extension of my family. And it absolutely does.”


“I don’t think or worry about anything because I know they’re in such good hands.”


“It’s hard as a working parent because you have a guilt about not being with your kids all the time. There are so many fun moments, though, in that because he will learn a new word or learn to do something that he’ll all of a sudden do at home.”

Austin and Tania

“When you’re working full-time, you’re making the choice to spend time away from your children… Kiddie Academy really takes the time to make sure you get a full picture of everything that they’re doing in a day.”


“I know a lot of, especially mothers, feel that guilt that you feel, that some parents feel, when they leave their kids at a child care center and go to work, I really don’t feel that. They are doing very well here and they’re learning things that I wouldn’t think to teach them were they home with me.”


“So even though I am six hours’ time zone difference and miles apart, I still get to see what they’re doing every day. I still feel very connected to my children.”

We’re not just a child care facility; we’re your extended family, here to support your career goals and your child’s development every step of the way.

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