November 11, 2013

When School Meals Get Complicated

How many parents worry over what to pack their kids for lunch? For those of you who collectively just sighed “yes”, you’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the stresses of school lunches. That’s right…I said school lunches! When did packing a meal become so demanding?

As more and more households harbor two working parents under one roof, families are finding that packing a lunch isn’t what it used to be. It seems everywhere you turn there are rules and regulations, and frankly no parent wants to come home from a long day’s work only to worry if they’re packing a lunch “right.”

But what if you didn’t need to worry about packing a lunch? At Kiddie Academy, we make the health of your child and the development of healthy habits a top priority. Our menus were developed with a licensed nutritionist, ensuring our meals meet the nutritional needs of growing children. What’s better?  Kiddie Academy instills family style dining, which utilizes portion control, sharing and passing food.

So next time you fret over what you’re packing in your kid’s lunch, try visiting your local Kiddie Academy and see what real meals are all about!

Remember…its lunch, not quantum physics!

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