Sneaky Food – feeding the picky eater

Being a picky eater is part of what it means to be a toddler, right? This time of year, children may still revel in the sugar and cookie comas from holiday’s past. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and December celebrations it’s hard for anyone, let alone kids, to get motivated and eating right.

Toddlers don’t actually have control over much, but eating is one of the first things they will master. Parents can help them enjoy this revelation by giving them appropriate amounts of freedom when it comes to choosing what they eat.

Savvy parents can steer a toddler toward healthy eating, but might have to do it in a sneaky way. If you have a picky eater, starting the New Year on a healthy note might not sound ideal, but it’s certainly manageable:

  • Try pureeing veggies in pasta sauce or experiment with shakes and smoothies using your favorite fruits. If your kids are bread lovers, you can bury the good stuff in muffins or a loaf of bread (bananas, carrots and zucchini are good places to start).
  • Children are more comfortable with routines and predictability, so set regular mealtimes. Be sure to reserve mealtimes for eating and for spending quality time with your family. No phones at the table, etc. That means you too Mom and Dad!
  • Let your children help out when making meals so they’re more interested in the process. Try taking a fun, educational fieldtrip to your local farmers market or even start garden as a means for getting kids involved with what they eat.
  • You can use meal and snack time as teachable moments too. Check out this downloadable booklet for great tips.
  • Most importantly, manage your expectations and don’t give up!

The health of your child and development of healthy habits is a top priority. Kiddie Academy’s menus were developed with licensed nutritionist, ensuring our meals meet the needs of growing children. We focus on teaching your child to stay healthy by making good food choices. For more information,visit your local Kiddie Academy to see what good eating is all about!

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