St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to explore the magic of pots of gold, rainbows and mischievous leprechauns with your children.  Here’s a round-up of fun and educational St. Patrick’s Day crafts, recipes and activities to share with your family.

You’ll find links to each project below.

St. Patricks Day Ideas for Kids


















Rainbow Bars by Bloom Designs Online

Leprechaun Gold from Homemade Mamas

Rainbow Craft from Crafty Morning

Leprechaun Trap from The Idea Room

Magic Leprechaun Rocks from Gift of Curiosity

St. Patrick’s Day Number Hunt by Pre-K Pages


Here are a few additional St. Patrick’s Day ideas for family fun:

  • Work together to research the history of the holiday.  Why are leprechauns and rainbows part of the celebration?  You can start here at Kids Play and Create
  • Read books about rainbows and leprechauns.  Here’s a favorite: That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting.
  • Play some lively Irish music, and encourage your children to dance along.

For more holiday-related kids crafts and ideas, please follow our Pinterest board here.

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