How to Teach Funny: Great Joke Books for Kids

Joke Books 2

Have you ever tried to peer into the eyes of a giggling toddler and wonder what was making him or her laugh so hard? Sometimes I ask my son what he is laughing about (when there is no apparent cause for extreme giggling that I can identify as a practical adult) and he tells me doesn’t know why he is laughing, but he tells me it feels good.

Finding the fun and humor in life comes naturally to little ones. It’s not hard for children to find a reason to smile, laugh at something ridiculous or have a giggle-fest for no particularly discernable reason. My kids love to laugh, but comedic timing, formidable wit and quality material have to be coached. Here are a few of our favorite children’s books that can help parents support their kids in harnessing the power of good humor, good jokes and good laughs (click the images to follow the links!):








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