Teaching Pride to Shape Confident Kids!

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We know that special moments happen constantly with children; we see it with your kids every day right here at Kiddie Academy! Kids experience success in big and little ways, whether it’s learning to tie a shoe, spell their name or multiply numbers for the first time.  During the month of July, the Kiddie Academy character education program is focused on pride. We think it’s important to take notice of special moments and use these victories to encourage children to feel good about their success and confident about themselves.

We wanted to share a few ideas about how you can align with this emphasis at home:

Proud to be me! Does your kid have a distinctive birthmark? A quirky Aunt Ida? Talk to your child about what makes your family unique and why you, as a parent, are proud to be a part of such an interesting dynamic.  Highlighting, rather than hiding, your child’s differences will inspire him or her to celebrate what makes he or she special, rather than feel ashamed about it.

“You’re doing a great job!” As parents, we can foster feelings of pride by talking to our kids about their accomplishments and encouraging them to share what makes them feel special.  Sometimes the problem with phrases like “Good Job “or “Well Done” is that they do not have lasting meaning for kids. By highlighting specific moments and the characteristic that your child used to achieve an action will help build his or herself-esteem. Describe why what they did was special. For instance, if your child learned the Pledge of Allegiance, you might say “I’m so proud of you for achieving this goal. By working hard and studying, you were able to recite the Pledge all by yourself. I really loved how you incorporated placing your hand over your heart like we practiced at home.”

Know the difference. Displaying the appropriate amount of pride in the right way can be tough for younger kids. Help your child learn the difference between pride and conceit by reading related stories, such as “The Tortoise and the Hare” and “Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories.” You can also take your children to watch a local sports game to teach them what team spirit is all about and discuss any instances that might relate to bragging or boasting.

Praising kids appropriately is important for their emotional development. Learn more about our Life Essentials program, including character building

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