June 17, 2024

Outcomes for Life: Confidence

Building confidence in children is essential for positive social and emotional development, which is why it’s one of the six outcomes that the Kiddie Academy® Life Essentials® curriculum focuses on.

Confidence helps children recognize strengths, opportunities, and abilities to thrive. It allows them to create a sense of bravery, resulting in them being more eager to try new things. It teaches resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges and cultivates a better self-image, which has a profound impact on healthy socialization.

But children don’t gain confidence overnight. They learn it through ongoing interactions and experiences with others. At Kiddie Academy, we foster this outcome not only through a thoughtful curriculum, but also by creating an environment of supportive, nurturing role models and integrating moments throughout a child’s day that over time, help them grow into confident individuals.

The success of this outcome is dependent on gestures both big and small. Things like celebrating a child’s accomplishment, acknowledging their hard work, encouraging them to communicate their wants and needs, giving them jobs in the classroom, and providing them with choices in their play and routines all play an equally important role.

When introduced at a young age, confidence can help children grow up to be more independent, explore more opportunities, and feel better equipped to contribute to their communities – all key factors to creating a brighter future.

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