January 25, 2021

“Kiddie Academy Gave Us Comfort”

We recently asked parents of Kiddie Academy students what it meant for them to know that we were there for them throughout life was like for their families during the pandemic. Not surprisingly, it’s been tough for everyone. We found some common themes in our conversations with parents with young children. First, everyone’s lives were turned upside-down. Second, parents are strong and resourceful and made tough decisions and changes on the fly. And third, you’ve got to seek help so you can “do it all.”

How Tiffany Managed Parenting in a Pandemic

In this interview, we met Tiffany, who has been a law enforcement officer for 22 years. Her husband is a retired officer who is now a security manager in the medical field. Both were considered essential workers during the pandemic and needed to make sure 4-year-old Caleb would be cared for during the day. Their Academy was able to provide them with the continuity of care they sought.

Here’s what Tiffany told us:

“I’m a law enforcement officer. I’ve been there for 22 years. We’ve always been essential. So, for us, it has been business as usual. Nothing has changed at work. Criminals still commit crimes and I still have to do a job. We cannot work from home. Kiddie Academy didn’t skip a bit. Caleb was there every day.

“Kiddie Academy gave us comfort. You know what I mean? It’s a comfort because working through the pandemic and working in law enforcement, especially when we have so many protests going on and it got really crazy, to have that comfort was immeasurable.

“It’s really deep because this is your flesh and blood, this is your child, this is your loved one, this is my baby and my precious cargo and to have a place for him to go where he feels comfortable going and that we feel comfortable taking him, it’s everything.

“You have to have balance at the end of the day because we’re still human even though sometimes we wear that big S on our chest as parents. We’re still humans and we get burnt out just like anybody else. And taking your child to a learning facility such as the Kiddie Academy, it gives you that relief.”

You can watch more of the video interview with Tiffany (and other parents we interviewed) here.


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