February 12, 2021

“The Kids Really Needed Socialization”

“We made the decision to pull the kids from daycare, because we just felt like that was in the best interest of everybody at that time, not knowing anything about what was actually going to happen and what was going on and who it affects and all those types of things.

“Alex wasn’t able to work from home, and I obviously couldn’t work from home either. So, it was both of us going to work every day,

“The days that I was off, which was usually only once or twice a week, were filled with trying to keep them entertained and keep them busy with activities. But not being able to go anywhere and keep them off their screens and all that type of stuff made it hard.

“The kids really needed socialization. And it was very, very difficult for them, particularly being so young and only seeing each other. They missed their friends.”

Safety Was a Priority

They made the decision to take the kids back to Kiddie Academy. Their Academy, like so many others, remained open to care for the children of essential workers like Laura and Alex. Kiddie Academy had also implemented Health EssentialsSM, enhanced wellness and disinfection practices to mitigate the spread of germs among children and staff.

“They have done everything by the book as they should, and that played a huge role in our decision to send the kids back. They have been in line with the CDC and the health department. We felt very confident in their policies and procedures. And we felt confident sending them back that things were going to be fine.

“I think they have been amazing the whole entire time. They have completely kept us informed. And I am so grateful for them, because we’ve been there a long time now and it feels like a second home to us.”

You can watch more of the video interview with Laura (and other parents we interviewed) here.


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