Set Up a Virtual Learning Workspace for Your Child

kiddie academy virtual learning space

As schools continue to juggle how and where they’ll educate students in the 2020-2021 school year, at least one thing is certain: Virtual learning will continue to be an important option for students and educators. Even if your child will be attending school in person or will be attending Kiddie Academy’s full-day school-age program (during which they’ll engage in their own virtual learning), they still could benefit from a dedicated learning space at home so they can work on homework or do asynchronous learning. With that in mind, parents should consider setting up a virtual learning hub at home.

“Having a dedicated space for your child this school year while learning virtually is critical to their success and academic experience,” said Richard Peterson, Chief Academic Officer for Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care. “A child working on their schoolwork will need dedicated space the same as their parents who may be working from home. School success will be dependent upon a comfortable, well-equipped, distraction-free environment. Dedicated space will help to eliminate most distractions, such as, interference from siblings and other family members, and sound from the TV or other computing devices.”

Tips for Setting Up a Virtual Learning Hub

kiddie academy virtual learning space

Peterson says setting up the learning space can be a fun, joint effort between parent and child. He says pick a space that’s comfortable and well-lit and includes everything the child will need for online learning. Here are other tips for creating an environment that will provide the best experience for your child:

  • Comfort is key – A comfortable chair is paramount, but make sure the space will allow the child to stand and complete their work as well. Alternating standing and sitting will keep the blood flowing and improve learning and concertation. The space should also be a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold.
  • Personalize the space – Have your child decorate the space with artwork or signs to make it more cheerful and fun.
  • The right stuff (technology) – Make sure whatever device your child uses is of adequate size and has a camera built in or attached. The use of headphones is preferred to help your child hear clearly and eliminate distractions. Availability of a reliable Internet connection and/or Wi-Fi is a must.
  • Adjust your camera shot – Make sure that when your child is on camera, they’re well framed within the shot. Any light source (window, desk lamp, etc.) should be in front of your child so that their face is illuminated. Avoid having windows or bright lights in the background because it will cause the camera to shade out your child’s face.
  • Stay organized – Use baskets or bins to hold supplies, such as pencils, crayons, paper and so on.
  • Eliminate nearby distractions – Turn off nearby TVs and phones and ask brother and/or sister to play somewhere else. This will help your child – and anyone online with them – focus on the learning tasks.

Kiddie Academy is committed to supporting families whose school-aged children are distance learning by providing a safe, healthy environment where they can attend virtual sessions, do homework and connect with other students and teachers daily. Programming options and availability varies by location, so contact your local Academy for more information.

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