Teachers Change Lives

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, the parents of Kiddie Academy submitted some truly heart-warming stories about the impact Kiddie Academy teachers have had on the lives of their children and their families.

Thank you, Kiddie Academy of White Plains!

“My daughter, Beatrice, started last year at Kiddie Academy of White Plains and needed her blankie for comfort. We are so blessed with all our amazing teachers, whose warmth and guidance quickly replaced the need for Bee’s favorite blankie. Thank you, Ms. Brianna, Ms. Nayeli, Ms. Julia, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Eni (just to name a few!). We couldn’t have asked for a better collaborative approach for our daughter’s development.”

“We can’t appreciate enough what you are doing for our son. He has been learning not only skills but discipline and routine at Kiddie academy, and there are noticeable improvements.”
Kiddie Academy of White Plains

Thank you, Kiddie Academy of League City East!

“Ms. Tiffany, thank you for being an amazing person to my daughter. Ms. Tiffany is very personable, sweet, and is always willing to share with us how Aaliyah is doing. As a mom, I already have mommy guilt for leaving my child so long throughout the day. It doesn’t help when Aaliyahs father has to leave for weeks at a time being in the military. So, there are times where it can be hard on Aaliyah. When Aaliyah can come home and say to me, “Mama I love Ms. Tiffany, she’s nice”, I know she’s in good hands. And that means the world to me to know my daughter is safe.”

Thank you, Kiddie Academy of Chesterfield!

Kiddie Academy of Chesterfield students
“Ms. Jody is a great teacher, and she takes a child-centered approach. Soon after my daughter (Cindy) joined their classroom, Ms. Jody found out that she is very interested in drawing, so she offered her a lot of opportunities to do watercolor painting, crayon drawing, etc. Through daily communications, I can see that Cindy is engaged in many educational activities. Cindy loves going to school, and we really appreciate having Ms. Jody as her teacher!”

“As we were searching for child care, we explored many different places. When we walked into Kiddie Academy Chesterfield, Missouri, we were delighted to see a familiar face! Ms. Leah had been a teacher’s assistant years prior at a pre-school that my older children attended. She was unforgettable due to her positivity, calm demeanor, great memory and interest in the lives of the children. I remember being so impressed with her balance of succinct professionalism and warm compassion.”

Thank you, Kiddie Academy of Dublin!

Kiddie Academy of Dublin students
“My daughter is four and attends Kiddie Academy of Dublin. Her teacher is Miss Brynn. The other day Maggie said, “I want to go to school and see Miss Brynn.” It was the weekend so I told her that she would see Miss Brynn on Monday. Maggie said “I like Miss Brynn. She takes care of me!” A few days later, she told us she wanted to be a teacher when she grows up — just like Miss Brynn!”

These stories are just a handful of examples of the great impact our teachers have on the lives of children and their families. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do to go above and beyond! Your care, patience, and kindness are truly changing the world for our little learners!