May 6, 2019

The Poignancy of Graduation Season

May begins graduation season for schools and families across the nation. At Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, we’re preparing to celebrate another class of children that will be moving on next year to kindergarten.

Buying a franchise may start off purely as a business decision. But many Kiddie Academy Franchisees will tell you, the satisfaction of building relationships with families and watching their children grow and learn as they move through your Academy becomes an enormous source of gratification. We’ve shared with them many important milestones – first steps, first words and more. Along with their families, our Franchisees and staffs have an emotional stake in these children as they move on to their next educational challenge.

“Every day when I come into our school, I am so blessed by each kiddo, family, teachers and staff,” said Debbie Carter, who along with her husband, Jay, own Kiddie Academy of Allen (TX). “It’s a place where I feel like we are contributing and investing in each little life that comes in the door.”

Over the past 38 years, Kiddie Academy has graduated hundreds of thousands of children. Many of those “children” are now adults. Knowing that we’ve had a formative hand in sending so many smart, conscientious children on to school and out into our communities is a very rewarding feeling for our Franchisees.

Taisha Vazirani, co-owner of Kiddie Academy of West Cary (NC) said graduation validates the decision she and her husband, Deepak, made to purchase their franchise. “I know that we made the right decision when we graduate a class of pre-K kids who are excited and ready for the next phase of their lives. We’re literally changing and impacting the lives of children, and that is so amazing to me.”

We often refer to the decision to purchase a Kiddie Academy franchise as “life-changing.” That rings true this time of year for everybody – Franchisees, staff, parents and children – in some of the best ways possible.

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