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    You can also call us directly or fill out an application form.

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    A more fulfilling way of life through franchise ownership is possible

    We’ve been shaping, fueling and nurturing children’s natural curiosity since we opened the first Kiddie Academy almost 40 years ago.

    Now, with 275+ franchised locations in 32 states and the District of Columbia, we’re driven to prepare children for school and for life. We empower our Franchisees and their businesses and lead the way in the educational child care industry in an ever-changing climate.

    • What if I don’t have educational or child care experience?

      The vast majority of our Franchise Owners did not initially possess a background in the early childhood education industry. This is where they relied upon our almost four decades of experience in the industry, with Kiddie Academy being pioneers in the space.

    • What are the financial requirements to own a Kiddie Academy?

      The following requirements can be achieved either individually, with family, or a partnership with friends or colleagues.  Liquid Capital: $250,000 (if leasing); $500,000 (if purchasing)  *Cash or assets that can be converted to cash  Net Worth: $750,000 (if leasing); $1 million (if purchasing)  *Assets over liabilities  Credit Score: 650 or better

    • How much can Kiddie Academy Franchisees make?

      Kiddie Academy locations that have been open at least 24 months have reported average annual revenue of $1,709,196* and an average gross profit of $454,668*.

      *Based on information reported by 179 Academies which had been open at least 24 months for the calendar year ending December 31, 2019. The average gross profit shown is after deducting labor, occupancy (rent) and other miscellaneous expenses from gross revenue. Please refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document for additional important information related to the Average Annual Gross Revenue and Average Annual Gross Profit amounts shown here. 

    • What is the process for becoming a Kiddie Academy Franchisee and opening a Kiddie Academy?

      Complete an approved Preliminary Questionnaire.   Engage in an in-depth discovery process with our development team.  Attend an Orientation Day (virtually or in-person) and potentially sign a Franchise Agreement.  Receive customized support from a team of real estate, construction, licensing, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, technology, education and operations experts.  Open your Academy! Continue to receive one-on-one support from our team of subject matter experts.

    • Does Kiddie Academy help with finding a location for my Academy?

      We provide comprehensive support, guidance, consultation and best demonstrated practices in every aspect of the opportunity, including the site selection process. We assign our Franchise Owners with a dedicated National Real Estate Manager, as well as assist with introductions to local, commercial real estate brokers or developers, who help to expedite the process to secure the sites via lease or purchase contracts.

    • Does Kiddie Academy provide support in finding funding?

      Our finance team is here to work with you from site selection through loan closing, Grand Opening and beyond. We’ll leverage our strong relationships with national and regional lenders to help you secure financing. We’ll also train you how to develop your loan package and help to review your business plan before you submit it to lenders.

    • Does Kiddie Academy permit multi-unit development?

      Yes. Today, almost 60% of our Franchise Owners, own/operate, or are in the process of developing more than one Kiddie Academy location. This is an amazing percentage of Franchise Owners, who with our support and assistance, seek to replicate the success of their first Kiddie Academy location, with additional locations over time.

    • Where does Kiddie Academy franchise?

      There are over 275 Kiddie Academy locations in 31 states and the District of Columbia. Opportunities exist nationwide. Every Kiddie Academy location is positioned for potential success. We allow for flexibility in building type, to include freestanding, retail or office locations. Average building size is between 8,000 and 12,000 square feet. While we’d prefer first floor space, we will consider a two-story building (with half the space on the first floor). Lot size for new construction is between 1 and 2 acres.

    Why the Savviest Entrepreneurs Choose Kiddie Academy

    An investment in a Kiddie Academy franchise is an investment in yourself. As a Franchisee, you’ll enjoy a level of work-life harmony that people spend their entire careers seeking. And you’ll be an important part of a nationally respected leader in educational child care—providing a vital resource for families in your community.

    Building a business that matters

    Our Franchisees have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they all appreciate how opening a Kiddie Academy allows them to connect with their communities and feel a sense of greater purpose.

    Hilda and Ted Cockram escaped corporate life and started a business that matters – to them and to their community.

    Creativity and ambition are celebrated and elevated here

    We’d never restrain ingenuity or enthusiasm in the children we serve – shouldn’t that mentality be applied to adults, too? Our Franchisees often praise our flexibility and collaborative spirit. Your business should feel like an extension of yourself – and we take pride in helping you develop it.

    Deepika and Vijay Ilavarasan wanted to be able to extend their creativity and career knowledge into a personally rewarding business.

    Work-life harmony is more than a buzzword

    Kiddie Academy gives you the freedom to control your career and your future and enables you to balance your time the way you want.

    Katie Moore knew she didn’t have to wait until her children were grown to follow her passion and dreams of business ownership.

    Our diversity is our strength

    Our Franchise system is incredibly diverse – and we our brand is stronger for it. Just as we believe diversity creates better learning experiences for the children we serve, we also believe it creates stronger success in our franchise system.

    Glenda Gonzalez and her business partners are proof that the American Dream is accessible through planning, hard work and passion.

    See how our Franchisees can influence change through commitment to their cause

    What's a good location for a Kiddie Academy?

    Our team is committed to helping you find the best site possible – using sophisticated market demographics and site selection strategies, as well as in-market and on-the-ground site tours and inspections. Here are some of the things we look for in a market.

    Available locations

    With over 275 open Academies and 30-40 more locations projected to open annually, we’re continually exploring opportunities across the country. Using our formula and in-depth research, we’ll help you determine the optimum site for your Academy. Are you ready to grow with us?

    Kiddie Academy available franchise markets

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    “They provide the proven concept, the incredible support, the resources. It allows me to grow my business without compromising my family life”

    -Katie Moore

    “Now, we both wake up excited. We’re really building a business and a life that’s fulfilling.”

    -Deepak Vazirani