Reconnecting with Customers to Drive Business

As an entrepreneur, you’re always innovating how you do business in order to best serve your clients. Whatever your industry, you know that customer experience is second only to the quality of the product or service you’re providing, and ensuring consistency across both spheres is critical to fostering longstanding relationships. This is true all the time, but especially so when our communities are faced with the uncertainty and unrest of navigating a global pandemic.

We talked to several small business owners to uncover their top advice for staying engaged with customers during this challenging time.

Be honest and open.

Give a glimpse behind the curtain, and let your community know how you’re addressing your new challenges. Customers will appreciate a look into how your day to day processes have changed and how you’re actively working to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Communicate regularly, sharing status updates with your community often.

Consistent and clear communication is imperative to maintaining positive relationships with your current and prospective customers. Anticipate their concerns, and address them in advance. Leverage your website, social media accounts, and email marketing efforts to keep customer worries at bay.

Provide added trust and comfort by upping your health and safety procedures, and talking about them.

Talk about the added health and safety measures your business has put in place, especially if you have a brick and mortar business where customers are filtering in and out. Don’t assume your customers know about all the new steps you’re taking to keep them safe. Share details about how you are prioritizing their health and safety along with that of your staff’s.

Be a resource, and show the value you bring.

Use the tools at your disposal to position yourself as a resource to your community. Through your dedication to the service you provide, show your community how you are a leader in your industry. For example, make useful tips, tricks, templates and media easily accessible to your customers via your website or social media pages.

Nurture relationships, including those with your staff.

While a lot has changed, building relationships is still key to good business, and not just with your customers, but with your staff, as well. In addition to added health and safety measures throughout your business, try for personalized touch points with customers that go a long way in leaving a positive impression. Check in with staff one-on-one, and hold regular staff meetings to help keep everyone on the same page. When your employees feel valued, they’re empowered to better serve your customer base.

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